posted by david on September 1, 2012

Now,  on the meaning of life and everything, I have to start by saying that it is everyones’ own choice how they deal with this . So, lets not leave ouselves open to picking winners based upon your assessment of the probability of the best outcome for your own future in paradise?

Now, based on the ‘evidence’ the churches have all picked over the evidence and they have all used their selections  to feather their own nests in terms of managing the ‘masses’ and securing their own power base. This is what happen in every country/civilization throughout in the world, throughout history and pre/history. Their[priests]  motivations was control and a bludge of a life where the people brought them food and drink and they just lit the candles and stoked the fires. The story is repeated time after time in every anthropological study I’ve read and I’ve read a lot of them. And there was lots of blood-letting to maintain the fear. They chose the kings and the kings generally did the priests bidding. Any who did science and dared to suggest contrary opinion got their head cut off

We also know that the things we enjoy in life we discover during early childhood. They are indelibly imprinted in our brains at an early age through our senses. It is established fact now that preference for music, for instance, is controlled this way. Chinese and indo-chinese have their own music scales, We find them odd and strange but they actually prefer them throughout life. We have ours and in our arrogance, we think ours are superior. The facts say we are not superior in this way. It is just the early imprinting of the brain that sets the preference. It is like the Lyrebird can mimic anything and does just that, perfectly. Most of us lose the ability early and the standard is set for us to follow for the rest of our lives, Imprinted.

Hence the old saying of Catholocism ‘Give me a child before the age of seven and I’ll give you a catholic for life. The Bolchovics re-phrased it for their own ends. It is just about power and control of the masses. Those who hold power so often are nothing but bullies and narcisisitic personalities mixed up with sycophants and a few other weeklings to do the biddings. The Third Reicht was just and extreme example but the pattern is always the same. The regime chooses the rules, reeducates the population to follow the rules and cuts their heads off if they do not. We live in very favourable times in a very fortunate place.

Look at Afganistan, They still use extreme solutions for managing dissent because they are, seriously, ignorant in managing logical process. Education for most in that part of the world is wrote learning of the Koran. That is their rule book but is it based in fact or myth? Does it suit the objectives of control set by the high priest? I bet it does.

Now, if I say something is true, it doesn’t become a fact automatically. It is only an opinion. The trouble for most people in the world is they never challenge opinion and just assume that they are facts. So as they pile opinion  upon opinion, they build a house of cards that eventually comes crashing down. Surprise, Surprise. The house had no footings in fact. Facts only come from observation of the real world that have been verified under the process we now know as ‘peer review’. When everyone has tried and failed to disprove a proposition then we accept it as a fact. Little by little, day by laborious day [who would be a scientist anyway] science has successfully taken us to the moon and beyond. It was not a house of cards. That success came from the hard study of millions of people who separated fact from fiction [and myth] and built a house of stone with footings that stands against all sunami that attempt to wash it away. This is why I revere Richard Dawkins and pity George Pell.

I think we can forget that the universe arose out of a big bang. In terms of our existence in this space and time, it is immaterial to our existence. If you condense and crystallize the human condition as anthropologists try to do, you always arrive at the same point. If you want a rule to live your life it is this: ‘I care for you’. That is it. We do not need any more rules than that and we do not need a priest to tell us. All we need is a mother who wanted us in the first place and someone who could teach use who we are and how to live our lives

What goes around, comes around. There are only two important occupations in this world. Teaching, and motherhood. [They are one in the same really, but in our society we have organized things to improve our evolutionary success by organizing ‘creches’ so the mother is not always the teacher.]

That is it. Believe it or not. Religion is out. Astrophysics is also out. They have both outlived their usefulness, in my view. Science is still relevant because it is the methodology to improving peoples lives by observation and new design: R&D. But the black hole, for instance, does not lead us anywhere useful, in my view. We will never go there so what is the point of worrying about it. Get on and enjoy time with the children. Teach them everything that you know before it is just too late.

So, to where does all this bring us? Back to paradise. That’s it. When we stop chasing illusions of success, we will find we already live in paradise. My father had a saying for this at the end of his life, too. It was this: Life can be a Hell in Heaven, or a Heaven in Hell. I’m not sure where he found that because I’m sure it is not original. He was a voracious reader and died a confirmed atheist. But his point was that people can be happy in any circumstance, or miserable. How does that happen? Choice or perception? Something like that. We see them on impoverished tropical islands to Indian slums. They have nothing but feel lucky if they get a few spoonfuls of rice or corn a day. Could we do that? Not any more. It’s a journey. Onwards and upwards.  It is hard to go backwards and downwards..