posted by adrian on October 11, 2013

Dad was born in Sydney on the 5th January 1953 to the delight of his parents Barbara & Lloyd. He was their second child to big sister Christine, and a big brother to Stephen and Kathryn. He toddled around Mosman before travelling to England by ship at age 6, which must have planted the seed for his love of being on the water.

He grew up as a young boy in England with his cousins and enjoyed his early schooling years there.

posted by david on September 1, 2012

Now,  on the meaning of life and everything, I have to start by saying that it is everyones’ own choice how they deal with this . So, lets not leave ouselves open to picking winners based upon your assessment of the probability of the best outcome for your own future in paradise?

Now, based on the ‘evidence’ the churches have all picked over the evidence and they have all used their selections  to feather their own nests in terms of managing the ‘masses’ and securing their own power base. This is what happen in every country/civilization throughout in the world, throughout history and pre/history. Their[priests]  motivations was control and a bludge of a life where the people brought them food and drink and they just lit the candles and stoked the fires. The story is repeated time after time in every anthropological study I’ve read and I’ve read a lot of them. And there was lots of blood-letting to maintain the fear. They chose the kings and the kings generally did the priests bidding. Any who did science and dared to suggest contrary opinion got their head cut off

posted by david on June 14, 2012

Do you challenge opinions?

Do you know that opinions are different from facts. What exactly is the difference? Do empty vessels make the most noise?

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posted by david on March 15, 2004

A traveller got into my taxi the other day.  It was late afternoon, about five o’clock.  The sun was low and blocked by the new offices.  As we drove through the shadow of the building my passenger remarked on the new development saying: “Well, the architect gave aesthetics a lot of design priority.”  There followed a moments silence before I responded with gentle agreement, whereupon, my passenger exploded into a tirade of expletives against economists that left me shrinking below window level

What did I say? Who knows but the explanation is simple enough: “The world is run by economists   Because economists study the ebbs and flows of money in the market place and money makes the world go around, economists are perfectly equipped to advise our policy makers on how to distort the markets. The “hip pocket” then drives investment which shapes our existence, but more particularly, shapes our built environment.